Saturday, 22 October 2016

Contec Blanco Fiber Post PK/5

MARKET PRICE - Rs. 2000 |ONLINE PRICE - Rs. 1500 ||
OFFER Buy Any 3 Rs.1250 each
The advantages of the root post system Contec are:
High bending strength of 1.678 MPa (EN ISO 178) of HT glass fibre that optimizes the stability of the reconstruction.
Homogenity of the reconstruction Glass- have an elastic attitude that is more similar to the dentine as i.e. Titanium or Zirconium. Consequently the root post, the composite and the remnant tooth can create a biomechanical homogeneous unit, supporting the stability of the reconstruction.
Functional post design
The post consists of a cylindrical and a conical apical part. The rounded retentions in the head-section support secure bonding and additionally serve to anti-rotation. In the apial section the spiral escape grooves ensure decompression and retention.
Micro retentive surface
As a result of the micro retentive surface that is structured by fibres no silanisation is necessary.

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