Thursday, 27 August 2015


Which one is the best - 


DENTSPLY Composite just for Rs. 900

Dentsply Bond just for Rs. 1100


Shofu Super Snap X-Treme Kit
Super-Snap X-Treme, the newest addition to the Super-Snap range, exceeds expectations with a naturally lustrous polish on direct aesthetic restorations. With the extra thickness of the aluminum oxide impregnated polishing disks, you can easily apply greater pressure while having the desired tactile feel. Advanced 3D coating technology adopted into the surface contour of the finest Super Snap disk assures a satiny smooth and lasting gloss.


Whipmix / Hanau / Denar Articulators and Facebow Spare Parts are available too at Dental Mart

Buy Hu-Friedy Instruments Worth Rs.15000 & Get a SilverLine UNC15 Probe Free

Friday, 21 August 2015

New Product Launch Make Auradent-

Glass Alcohol Lamp - Adjustable, 4 Oz. Auradent
Chrome plated brass burner with wheel adjustment for wick Faceted glass bowl Comes with cap and chain, one wick 115 ml (4 Oz) capacity

M Access K/H Files by Dentsply @ 35% Discount !!

LED Shade Matching Light

Under the artificial lighting in hospitals, it is difficult to accurately distinguish the color with the unaided eye. Shade Light provides natural light (day light) of 5500K so that the tooth shade of a patient can be determined clearly. In order to make the inherent color of an object appear, the wavelength of the color that the object naturally reflects should be contained. Made in Korea

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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Proroot MTA - Dentsply


Pola Night Teeth Whitening
Polanight is the leading dentist brand for professional teeth whitening
treatment. Polanight tooth whitening products include polanight 10%, Polanight 16% and
Polanight 22% carbamide peroxide formula.
Teeth whitening kits are used for up to 14 days.
Contains : 4 x 3gm whitening syringes,accessories
Net weight : 12gm Tooth Whitening Gel
Made in Australia 

Monday, 3 August 2015

BEAUTIFIL Injectable is the only universal restorative that comes in an injectable syringe, packed with exceptional strength and sculptable beauty at your fingertips.

Contains : 2.2Gm Syringe
• Beautifil Injectable is indicated for a wide range of restorations such as Class I through Class V restorations, direct veneers, core build-up, shape & shade modification, minimally invasive anterior and posterior restorations, restoration of occlusal surface as well as repair of composite
& ceramic restorations.
• The ideal viscosity of the non-tacky, non-droopy paste assures optimal handling to easily shape restorations as you extrude the material from the syringe.
• Unique resin structure assures optimal cure every time.
• Superior mechanical properties enable universal application.
• Efficient injectable delivery to restoration site that reduces instrumentation and working time.
• Natural opalescence and fluorescence
• Inclusion of S-PRG fillers provides sustained fluoride protection and a unique anti-plaque effect.

Ribbond Ribbon Kit 25%

Starter Kits contain:
Three 22 cm long pieces of Ribbond in assorted sizes (2, 3, and 4 mm are the standard widths).
The special Ribbond scissors (most scissors will not cut Ribbond)
Easy to understand instructions

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