Friday, 27 October 2017

GC Products on Discount !!!! 
Gold Label 1 = 2790/- 
Gold Label 2 = 1999/-
Gold Label 9 = 2680/-
Gold label Mini Packs = 1290/-


Mouth Mirror Relax FS Hahnenkratt Germany Just for Rs. 200 per piece . BUY PACK OF 10 = Rs.1800/-

The advantages of a front surface mirror in combination with the »lite« fiberglass design, provide highest comfort for you and your patient for relaxed dental operations.
The instrument is autoclavable.
Link to buy online -

Monday, 2 October 2017

Prophy Paste 60ml Tube Directa

AVAILABLE IN 60ml tube :

Prophy Paste, Blue Coarse, RDA 250 = 125 micron
Prophy Paste, Green Medium, RDA 170 = 70 micron
Prophy Paste, Red Fine, RDA 120 = 20 micron
Prophy Paste, Yellow Extra Fine, RDA 40 = 2 micron


Monday, 31 July 2017

WaterPik Wp70


Waterpik is the only brand clinically proven to be an effective alternative to traditional dental floss and Sonicare Air Floss for removing plaque biofilm, reducing gingival bleeding and inflammation, and reducing gingivitis and plaque overall. The Waterpik Classic Water Flosser is an excellent option for patients who don’t like to floss.
The easy and more effective way to floss, the Waterpik (WP-70) powers away plaque and debris between teeth and below the gumline. Six water pressure settings let you customize gentle-to-deep cleansing. Three unique tips clean in specialized ways, while a spacious reservoir reduces the need for refills.
Clinically proven 50% more effective than traditional dental floss and 80% more effective than Sonicare Air Floss for gingival health
Removes 99.9% of plaque from treated areas
With the Classic Jet Tip, a solution will penetrate on average 50% of the depth of a pocket
The Pik Pocket™ subgingival irrigation tip is proven to reach up to 90% of a 6mm pocket
Uniquely engineered Tongue Cleaner
Removes plaque biofilm subgingivally and interproximally
Massages and stimulates gingival tissue
Six pressure settings delivering the optimal range for gingival health.
High-volume reservoir of 1,000mL (33.8oz)
Reservoir can be used as a cover, providing hygienic storage
2 - Classic Jet Tip
1 - Pik Pocket™ Tip
JT-70E - Classic Jet Tip
PP-70E - Pik Pocket™ Tip
TC-70E - Tongue Cleaner

Monday, 22 May 2017

Ribbond Ribbon Orthodontics 1mm

New Product Launch - 
Ribbond Ribbon Orthodontics 1mm

Ribbond retainers are made directly and will bond to any light cured composites. For permanent retainers, some patients prefer it recessed within a shallow preparation.
Use Orthodontic-THM for healthy teeth with 0.5 mobility or less.